Tiredness Kills


This is a music video I made with solo artist The Weak And The Strong. ‘Tiredness kills’ tells the story of a man suffering with amnesia, sitting in his room at night haunted by his inner ghosts. The music is best described as a mixture of spoken word and soundscapes. Read more about it in dutch here.

‘Tiredness Kills’ was taken from the mini album ‘I Am Not Scared’ (etf records 2015) by The Weak And The Strong

video: TUHBA
script: TUHBA & The Weak And The Strong


Animation, Photography, Video

I made a music video for my band MANKES. This is my second stop motion animation and I made figures out of clay for the first time since elementary school. I loved it! Also designing and putting together the ‘film set’ using just some carton board cotton balls, little stones and wool was very enjoyable. And then I took about 1500 photos and simply put them in an ancient version of Windows Movie Maker. My old, worn out computer almost couldn’t handle it, oh frustration! So I definitely will have to get myself a better one for future projects, because I want to create more video’s! Well, I hope you like the result as much as I do 🙂